Build and launch your own professional, natural & ethical beauty brand with the premium Private Label formulas at low risk, cost & MOQ. Sample or purchase your products for quick, streamlined success.

Who We Are

Private Label is a leading manufacturer in the sunless tanning industry, proudly supporting many entrepreneurs all over the world who have partnered with us to build their beauty brands. We are a fully vegan, global company that only sources premium beauty ingredients and environment friendly packaging. Our proud Australian heritage has been in the beauty and tanning industry for decades, giving clients the opportunity to brand quality products from one of the most innovative labs. Try your samples out today and become a Private Label partner.

Premium Ingredients

Exclusive access to an innovative and environmentally responsible beauty lab.

PETA Approved Cruelty-Free

Vegan Friendly
with Naturally
Derived DHA

No Parabens, Sulphates, or Phthalates

Sustainably Sourced Packaging

Recyclable Materials

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Fast Track YOUR
Product Launch

Launch your own product line in as little as two weeks. We’ve been creating formulas for the beauty industry for decades. Instantly benefit from our experience with premium solutions made from the highest quality ingredients at the most cost effective prices.

Low Risk, Low Cost

Our tried and tested White Label Collection is the easiest way for you to get started with confidence. We also offer the lowest minimum order quantities for the lowest price possible. And we don’t change our prices, giving you the stability to plan ahead and build your dreams on.

No Hidden Fees
No Lock-in Contracts

No lock in contracts. No hidden costs. No heavy start up costs or risks. With Private Label you are in complete control of your brand. Want to design and print your own labels? No problem! Need help? We’re here! You choose how you want to work with us. It’s your brand, your way.

How it Works


Shop our
White Label


Create and apply your labels


Start selling
your branded

You Have

Bottle and brand your potential. Launching your own beauty brand has never been easier. We’ve made the Private Labeling process streamlined, simple, affordable and efficient for attainable success.

Who We Help



Professionally formulated private label beauty products with low MOQs and affordable costs.


Salons & Spas

Create your own retail range and maximize your profits by using and selling your own beauty and skincare products in house.


Established Brands

Launch new and unique products for your well loved brand to create a competitive advantage in the market.

Why Choose Private Label?

  • Low risk, cost, and MOQ
  • Premium ingredients
  • Highly rated white label products
  • Launch in as little as two weeks
  • No hidden fees or lock-in contracts
  • Freedom and control of branded products
  • Streamlined product restock

Our Products Contain

  • Naturally Derived Ingredients
  • Sustainable and Ethical Ingredients
  • Nourishing Skincare Ingredients
  • Natural Preservatives

Our Products Don’t Contain

  • Parabens, Sulphates or Phthalates
  • Mineral Oil or Palm Oil
  • Formaldehyde
  • Aluminum Salts

How We’re Different

Private Label vs Others
individual full-sized samples at low price samples must order bundles or highly priced sample sizes
low minimum orders medium to high
low pricing medium to high
none price minimum often for first time purchases and bulk orders
none contracts must sign locked-in contract
online and streamlined for fast shipping, sampling and restock ordering time consuming process with salesperson and unknown shipping time
in your control - utilize our team or create your own label design requires label design
30+ years industry experience unknown
always made in the USA sometimes

From Our Partners

Brittan Lyon

“I truly love this private label company! All of the products I’ve tried have a beautiful brown base. They ship pretty fast, and the products come clean but the boxes are nicely labeled and easy to not mix up unlabeled products. They are always there for support and questions, every rep I have talked to has great product knowledge.”

Christy Jo Lightfoot

“I reached out to a lot of private label companies to create my tanning business, and tested a lot of different types of products. Private Label not only stood out because of their wide variety of product options, but their tan was my absolute favorite. All of their products are amazing. I’ve now worked with them for a few years and their customer service is just as great - always quick to respond and very helpful. They have a ton of resources for those that are new to starting a business or new to the tanning industry. Their low minimums help small businesses like myself get started. I highly recommend partnering with them.”

Mandy Langon

“I've tried many brands and nothing compared to the Coconut Water and Violet Dark formulas. Private labeling for my company saved my business during the pandemic. It took our brand to the next level and our clients love it. The colors work for all skin tones so I never worry about “orange” complaints. We 100% recommend, it’s so worth it!!”

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