EU & UK Registration Process

If you’re wanting to sell our Private Label products with your own label in the EU or UK, you are required to register them with the relevant bodies. All cosmetic products sold in the EU market must be registered with the Cosmetic Product Notification Portal (CPNP). All cosmetic products sold in Great Britain (England, Scotland, Wales) must be registered with the Office for Product Safety and Standards (OPSS).

If you want to apply your own label to the standard Private Label products, we offer a CPNP/OPSS registration service, whereby we register your branded product on your behalf.

Note: registration is not required if you intend to use our Private Label products as they are sold (i.e. without adding your own label).

Costs and Fees

We can make the registration process easy for you! Simply pay the registration fee on our online store.

Country Registration with Cost per product*
UK OPSS £100 shop now
EU CPNP €100 shop now

* All costs are ex VAT and are on a per product basis.

Label Artwork Checklist^

Before registering please ensure your label artwork meets regulatory requirements* for your region. These include but are not limited to:

  • Include the product name and function
  • Product function must be translated in the region you will sell your product (e.g. Self Tan)
  • Warnings and cautions (translated if being sold in non-English language countries). You can also utilise the open book symbol if being sold in multiple countries and space on the primary packaging is limited. Generic warning and caution advice can be found from the Private Label website here.
  • Ingredient list should match identically to the Private Label website. It must start with “Ingredients: [insert ingredient list]” Some EU countries require the word “Ingredients” to be translated.
  • Responsible Person name and address. This is the customer's legal business name and address. It should be displayed as “RP: [insert legal business name and address]”
  • Country of Origin, for example “Made in USA”. This can be found on the Private Label website.
  • Nominal content. This should be stated on the front of the label (by weight or volume). For example: 200mL

Ready to Register?

Before completing the form below, please ensure you have done the following:

  1. Paid the registration fee for each product you wish to register
  2. Reviewed the “Label Artwork Checklist” above and can confirm your label artwork currently meets all of this criteria

Register here

Once you have paid your fees, come back here and complete the form below. The registration(s) will be issued within 15 business days.

  • Registration Details

    These are the details needed for OPSS/CPNP us to register on your behalf. issued within 15 business days.

  • This is the Business Name (Legal and Natural person/entity in the community)
  • Your Product(s)

  • Products
  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: pdf, png, jpg, jpeg, Max. file size: 1 MB.
    • Your Contact Details

    • (this will be on the email you receive after paying your fees via our online store)

    ^Disclaimer: The above information is only for general information and cannot always be applied to any product. Furthermore, national laws may apply in regards to labelling elements. Customers are responsible for ensuring their labels are compliant in the region they intend to sell their products. For an official label review (not mandatory), we utilise speciality regulatory legal experts. Cost: 500GBP / 500EUR per review.



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