Do you offer samples?

Yes! We offer each of our White Label products as a full sized, single-unit sample to purchase online so you can try before you commit to your choice of product offerings. You can view our samples online here.

What is the MOQ for private labelling?

The minimum order quantity for each product is listed on the product page beside the shop button. Additionally, you can see and compare the MOQs for all Private Label products on the Shop White Label page.

Do you have a list of ingredients so I can see what goes into each product?

Yes, you can download the Ingredients & Packaging document for all of our White Label products here.

Am I able to customize my formula?

No, in order to give our customers the highest quality formula for the most cost effective price, at Private Label we only offer White Label products. Consider this as a great entry point to get started with your brand! Private Label was created to make starting your own tanning brand as easy and streamlined as possible.

However, if you are a large, established brand and want to take your production to the next level with our lab, MARQ Labs can assist you in creating custom formulations. Please note that the MOQ for custom products is 2,000 units.

Can I customize packaging components?

Unfortunately, no. In order to provide you with the most cost effective, streamlined offering we are unable to offer packaging components (caps, lids, bottle colors) that vary from our White Label offering. Our process is streamlined so that you can purchase your branded, high-quality products quickly to label and sell immediately.

Do you label my products?

No, we are in the business of using premium ingredients to create the ultimate formulas inside your bottles, not what’s on the outside. If you purchase one of the Label Print Services, you will receive your labels on a roll for you to apply onto your products. This is exactly what our founders did when they got started. It’s super easy to do and great to get that real hands-on experience with your products. The goal is to eventually have your own employees or machines to do it for you 😉

Is anything required for my label?

For most regions, there a few things we recommend adding to your label. You can download the Ingredients & Packaging document for all of our White Label products here.

Do you offer logo and branding design?

While we are happy to design your label incorporating your logo through the Label Design Service, we do not offer logo or branding design services. However, there are many talented freelance designers out there. You could even consider posting your logo/branding project on a site like 99designs.com where you invite their entire community of designers to submit their ideas and you pick your favorite.

Can I print my labels without purchasing a label design?

Yes, our Design & Print collection is split up between the Label Design Service and our two Label Print Services: Standard Label Print and Foil Label Print. This way, you can utilize our printing services if your label artwork is ready to go.



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