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How to Advertise Your New Tanning Brand

The Best Advertisement for Tanning Salons & Brands

Whether you have a new tanning salon, or you’ve just created your own unique tanning brand, you can never have too many good promotional ideas. The best advertisement is always word of mouth, but how do you get there? Is there anything you can do to encourage word of mouth? Maybe you have great brand loyalty, but your customers don’t realize you have new tanning products. How do you communicate your new brand?


Create an Engaging Website

The first pain point for potential customers is trust. Most beauty customers take their skin very seriously. Not only do you want your website to create immediate trust for your salon, but you also want to keep customers engaged enough to try your products. We all know you can sell your business physically, but can you sell it digitally?

Below are a few areas you should think about when building your website.

Domain Name

Your domain name should always be your business name, but consider making it as easy as possible for customers to find you–even if they need to guess the name when searching.


Keep it on brand! Only use your brand logo, colors, fonts, etc. Simple is always better. Consumers like digital white space because it encourages freedom to move around the website. Videos and photos always have high engagement as well.

Online Booking

Having an online booking system is KEY for tanning salons today. The clientele continues to get younger and younger. A Gen X may book in person, a Millennial may book over the phone, but a Gen Z doesn’t want to do either of those. Make sure you offer all booking options for different types of customers.

Online Shop

Now that you offer products, be sure to create an online shop! This can be done easily through platforms like Shopify. Once a customer uses and likes the product, they can easily restock! This is great for first-time clients as well who don’t want to physically come to the salon to purchase.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. If you have the resources, using an SEO optimizer is always a good idea. It will help you to rank high on Google. The first step to good SEO is visible design and easy to read text. The second step is keywords. Use as many keywords pertaining to your brand, and on different pages. Make sure that your salon can be located on both Google Maps and Apple Maps, so that it’s easier for customers to find you.

Social Media

Always include your social media accounts on your website! Since photos and videos have high engagement, you’ll always want to link your social media. This is great for service goods such as salons, as well as showcasing products without screaming, “BUY ME!” Even if a customer visiting your website doesn’t book, but follows you on social media, they’ve given you a chance to keep them engaged!


Tanning Plans and Promotions

A great way to keep customers returning is to create monthly tanning plans. This is much more attractive for new customers, as monthly “plans” or “subscriptions” always mean a discount. These clients are most likely to follow you on social media, visit the website, and physically see your products multiple times. Special promotions such as holidays are always a good idea to attract new clientele as well.


Showcasing Products

If your customers can’t see your tanning line, they’ll only know about it through WOM, social media, and so forth. Create a fun display for your new products! Try to make it engaging and keep it on brand. Always showcase the products near the front of your business where customers wait.


Utilizing Social Media

If you’re a struggling salon owner and don’t already have social media, do yourself a favor and just do it. Being on social media platforms WILL drive new clients. Facebook is a go-to when looking for service recommendations. It’s extremely fast and simple to create a Facebook page for your salon. Next, look at Instagram so that clients can see photos and videos of branding, products used, and especially before and afters.

Social Media Tips

  • Use your logo as your profile picture
  • Use your salon name without too much variation
  • Keep it on brand! Use only your brand aesthetic
  • Don’t forget to link your website, address, phone number, and hours
  • Feature happy clients
  • Feature employees using your new products
  • Feature before and afters
  • Go easy on the celebrity pictures


Business Cards

Business owners have business cards. If you’re a business owner and don’t have one, let this be your sign. This is a great idea for all tanning professionals at your salon, especially if you offer mobile services. In most cases, the salon and product branding are the same, so creating a business card to promote your new products is simple! It’s easy to update business cards with new products your salon is offering. You can use any online print design builder to add product images to your business card. It’s a good idea to have contact information on one side, while the products are featured on the opposite. You might also want to include something eye catching, such as “same formula, new bottle!” or fun sketch designs to showcase the product.


You’re Ready, Kid

Good luck with your tanning brand! You can create your own line of tanning products through Private Label if you haven’t done so yet. Private Label covers all product development and manufacturing, so that you can enjoy low risk, branding control, and low startup costs with high profit margins. Start creating your brand, your way, today!



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