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How to Make Your Client’s Tan Last Longer

Offering The Perfect Spray Tan Solution & Tan Extending Retail

Unfortunately, spray tans don’t last forever, but there are some tips and tricks that can make the sunless tan last as long as possible. When it comes to achieving the perfect tan, it’s best to categorize the life of the tan into different phases, each containing key steps to ensure your client receives and maintains a flawless, long lasting tan.


Preparation – Before the Tanning Session

Before your client comes in for their session, there are a few key steps they need to complete. 24 hours prior, they should shave and exfoliate all areas they normally would on a day-to-day basis. This will remove any dead skin cells and create a smooth, even base for the application. After this, moisturizing is key. It’s important to not wait until the day of so that their pores have time to soak up as much hydration possible and close before anything can clog them. Afterwards, the client should not apply any other body products before their session – no soaps, lotions, perfumes, deodorant, etc. in case they act as a barrier to the spray tan, or even turn the solution green in some cases. Just to ensure the pores are closed, we recommend taking a quick 30 second rinse in cold water the day of the application.


Products – The Tanning Session

It’s important to offer the best spray tan solution for your clients, as well as being educated in the art of spray tanning. We recommend offering a good sized range of spray tan solution since clients can differ in skin tone, skin undertone, & skin type. You can even find each client’s perfect spray tan shade by mixing the solution if needed, although we recommend a simple 1:1 ratio when mixing. There’s a wide range of options to choose from with the Private Label Pro Liquids – there are brown, violet, & skincare based options so that you can control the tone, undertone, & nourishing ingredients of your client’s spray tan.

It’s also very important to match your salon retail with your spray tan solution! Private Label offers a matching Self Tan Mousse with each Pro Liquid so that your client can choose their go-to formula, creating salon loyalty. If the client doesn’t prefer Self Tan Mousses, Private Label offers multiple salon retail options like bronzing mists, lotions, face tanners, & more! Being able to market these products as your own brand increases their loyalty since you’ll have the perception of a spray tan expert.


Maintenance – After the Tanning Session

Once they have waited the instructed amount of time, the client will quickly rinse with lukewarm water without using any soaps. Some spray tans will continue to develop over the next day, or within only 8 hours if you’re using a Pro Liquid. Clients should moisturize every. single. day. and NEVER use any type of skin exfoliant like scrubs, tan erasers, etc. until their tan is at the end of its life for quicker removal. If you’re looking to provide a tan remover as a part of your salon retail, Private Label offers a Tan Eraser Mousse. Make sure that they stay away from any products containing Salicylic Acid, as this can prematurely remove the tan. Another tip is to research body washes that are not spray tan friendly and communicate this to your clients beforehand.


Keep it Consistent

Along with moisturizing daily and avoiding any harsh skincare products, pairing these steps with a tan extender such as the Self Tan Lotion or Gradual Tan Mousse will keep your client’s tan looking as good as the day they got it. The Self Tan Lotion is a Private Label bestseller due to being a 3-in-1 product: a self tanner, moisturizer, & tan extender – ideal for salons who wish to offer their own branded salon retail. The Gradual Self Tan Mousse is perfect for clients who prefer natural looking results since it gradually adds glow, or prefer to maintain the life of their tan with a mousse format.

Whether the client is wanting to extend their tan by a few days or touch up in between sessions, we highly recommended keeping salon retail products in stock that match their spray tan. Private Label carries a matching Self Tan Mousse for each of the Pro Liquid Solutions, so that the client can keep their desired shade and undertone. Visit the Private Label Sample Collection for Pro Liquid and Self Tan Mousse samples!




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