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How to Sell Products on Social Media

Tips for Social Selling Your Products

In today’s society, it’s clear that social media is one of the fastest ways to reach and connect with an audience. Not only can social media be utilized to create brand awareness and recognition, but it can also be an efficient and effective channel to sell your product. With the growing use of technology and convenience of being able to shop from your smart device, social sales have become more effective than ever. Let’s talk about ways to maximize your sales utilizing social media platforms!


What is Social Selling?

Social selling is a primary way that businesses can use social media to prospect, engage, and reach out to both existing and potentially new customers. Businesses are able to do so by creating relevant and relatable content that will draw in their target audience.


Tips for Social Selling Your Products

  • Choose the right social platform(s)
  • Utilize branded hashtags
  • Compose and share only relevant, high quality content with your audience
  • Create a call to action by sharing direct product links
  • Turn on notifications to keep up with customer interactions
  • Engage in conversations with customers via the social platform(s)


Utilizing Social Media Shops

Some social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram now have an online shop feature. This means you can connect the online store to your brand’s social accounts – the easiest and most effective way of social selling. Your social audience can buy directly from the shop without having to go to the website, creating an easy line between the customer and their purchase. To do so, you’ll create a Facebook business account that will need to be connected to a Facebook business page. Once you do this, you can create your shop from the Facebook business manager and choose whether to also launch on Instagram, which collections or products are visible to the customer, and even upload brand imagery to create a unique social purchasing experience.


Utilizing Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising allows marketing to be done through different forms of social channels. Specifically with social media platforms, digital ads may include different forms of media such as photo, video, text, etc. to promote a product. This can be a cost-effective strategy to reach your audience. This process will allow you to track the traffic and impressions made from the ad in a measurable way. Over time you can adjust the creative and audience analytics of the digital ads to perfectly match your brand with your target audience.


Maximizing your online presence with brand recognition and product sales could give your brand the leverage it needs! Driving sales using social media platforms can be the start of that. With this process you will want to stay consistent, relevant, and continue to interact with your audience. All of this combined will allow for you to elevate your product sales with social media. Visit privatelabeltan.com or the Private Label Instagram to see how Private Label utilizes social media selling.




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