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How to Sell Wholesale Tanning Products Online

Beginner’s Guide and Tips for B2B Wholesale Marketing

If you’re looking to expand your sunless tanning business online, wholesale selling is a great way to take your brand to the next level. Rather than selling directly to consumers, you’ll be selling your product in bulk to retail buyers who will in turn resell your product. While B2B marketing can be similar to B2C in terms of the importance of branding, venturing into wholesale requires the consideration of several additional factors. Private Label is here to help!

Why go into the wholesale tanning industry? 

There are several benefits to entering the world of wholesale tan. For starters, your order values will automatically increase now that you are selling in bulk. Plus, the increased visibility provided by retailers will expand your market reach. Your credibility will also increase when you go into wholesale because it legitimizes your business in the eyes of consumers, peers, competitors and other potential retail partners. You’ll even develop as a business owner as you navigate and optimize your wholesale strategy. 

What to consider:


Private Label has some of the lowest pricing in the market, making it a great tool for wholesaling without all the extra steps. Your own pricing will be one of the biggest factors to examine. Wholesale pricing is expected to be at least 50% lower than retail prices. You’ll need to look at your margins and consider all costs to determine whether or not your business can afford this adjustment. To ease some potential growing pains, you can buy your white label tan in bulk with low costs and MOQ with Private Label. Plus, you don’t have to worry about price minimums or expensive overhead fees.

Operations and Capacity

Speaking of your margin, it’s important to ensure that you can meet the demands of wholesale selling. Private Label can ease the burden of scaling up – we have the production capacity of up to 100,000 units per day while giving you a high profit margin. Many stores will ask what your minimum opening order is. What will your minimum reorder be? How will you handle refunds, exchanges, damaged goods and even shipping? These are all questions to ask when selling wholesale tanning products.


Make sure you create an order form and linesheet. Your linesheet will display your products with the wholesale prices and names. 

Pro Tip: include your policies on your order form so that they are clearly communicated to the buyer. 

Once you’ve ensured that you’re ready to take the wholesale plunge, you can start emailing your pitch! If you don’t hear back after a few days, follow up and offer to send a sample or ask if they have any questions. We make it easy to order and restock samples online as much as you need. Once you’ve established back-and-forth communication with them, make sure to maintain the relationship for an easy, ongoing wholesale relationship.

Wholesale selling can require a lot of preparation, but by following this guide, and keeping the best practices and interests of your business in mind, you can use wholesale to elevate your business to a whole new level. Visit privatelabeltan.com to begin your new beauty entrepreneurial journey.



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