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How to Start an Influencer Brand

Where and How to Create Your Own Personal Brand

Whether you follow a content creator that has five thousand followers, or a social media influencer with five million followers, you’re keeping up with a personal brand. Whether it’s apparel, beauty products, or other items, selling products to go alongside your personal brand is a great source of income. But how do they do it? How do you start an influencer brand?

Have you ever considered creating your own brand? Or maybe expanding your brand with your own products? Influencer Branding is the new wave and it’s time for you to jump on! At Private Label, we work with a range of beauty influencers, both big and small, to help them create their very own range of branded beauty products. 


Your Opinion Matters

Most influencers start off doing brand deals for products they have a true love for. If skincare is something you’re passionate about, you most likely aren’t promoting a new video game. When getting started with brand deals, usually the company will reach out to the influencer or vice versa. This begins a snowball effect in which you begin to gain a cult following and potentially receive more brand deals for even bigger companies. This is helpful in your journey to creating your own products because your audience will then become familiar with your endorsing of the things you love.

Being in the beauty influencer space, you become very aware of what products you like or dislike and why. There are so many great products out there but maybe just one small detail holds it back from being perfect for you. It’s important that you create and sell the perfect products for your brand. 


Finding Your Voice

You should always listen to your audience, but it’s also important to remain true to yourself. Remember why you started and why your followers enjoy keeping up with you. Your opinion now carries weight. You have created a focus for yourself, as per the example earlier, let’s say your focus is skincare. Now define it further. Is it sunless tan? Sun screen? Face wash? The more niche you can make it, the more personable it will be for your audience. Be sure to start with one one product type at a time, as you can take the time later to expand your product line.


Time for Take Off

There are a few ways to launch an influencer brand, but the easiest and most reliable way for beginners is to use a third party company, like Private Label, who already has existing product options waiting for you to claim as your own. If you’re just starting out, you most likely don’t have the time or resources to formulate, create, and design each aspect of each individual product. The low cost also allows for high profits which is always a fun perk. It’s also the lowest risk for your personal brand, as you already know the products are highly-rated and well loved. If you haven’t decided on which beauty or tanning products to offer, browse through our wide range of available products and start sampling today for as low as $9.90 each.

Once you’ve decided on your products, it’s time to get creative with your brand! You can create your own labels or work with a freelance Graphic Designer by utilizing our label templates, or you can work with our own Graphic Design team that has 50+ years of design experience. You have the authority to share your new journey however you choose. Take your creative passion and share it with your audience!


Stay True to Yourself

Make sure to vary your content and how you’re promoting your branded influencer products to avoid becoming repetitive or seeming pushy. Find ways to incoporate your products into your usual content and posts. Start with a soft sell that’s promoting a soft launch. Then, once you gain more interest, you can slowly incorporate different forms of content that promote the actual launch. This approach will feel the most authentic and natural. Show demonstrations of your products in videos on Instagram or YouTube, create fun sneak peeks and snippets on social media, share customer photos and feedback on your Instagram stories, create TikToks or Instagram posts of how you style your own products – your content options and creativity is endless! Your unique brand, content, and voice will speak to those that value your opinion – let them guide your promotions alongside you.



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