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The Different Formats of Self Tan Products

Your Ultimate Guide to the Different Types of Self Tanner

We have seen several revolutionary products within the self tanning industry over the past decade. There are a number of different types of self tan products and formats available these days, each with their own individual benefits based on your needs. Keep reading for the ultimate guide to the different types of self tanning products on the market.

Self Tan Lotion

An oldie, but a goodie. Self tan lotions are super easy to apply and the formulas tend to also moisturize the skin. If you want an even, natural looking glow, then self tan lotions are the way to go! A gradual Self Tan Lotion should be offered alongside another self tan format so that both customers wanting to maintain the life of their tan and customers who prefer self tanning with lotions in general are both satisfied. Self tan lotions provide flawless, streak free results every time.

Self Tan Mousse

Self tan mousses have a lightweight, foaming formula and usually produce darker tanning results than that of a tanning lotion or gradual formula. They are easy to apply and some formulas, like Private Label’s, lets you choose your tan depth between a 1 hour express, or up to 8 hours for darker results. They also dry quickly so that you can go on with your day. For best results and even coverage, apply the foam with an Application Mitt. Private Label offers a range of self tan mousses best suited for your skin type and complexion. You can sample the different self tan mousses here.

Self Tan Mist

This form of tanning is the secret to a flawless, airbrushed looking tan. It is best explained as a DIY spray tan. Self tan mists are easy to apply and even quicker than a self tan mousse, leaving you with a streak-free finish if applied with an Application Mitt. Private label has the perfect addition to your beauty products with the Self Tan Bronzing Mist that has an ultra fine 360-degree spray, making it great for those hard to reach places. 

Another type of self tan mist is a face tan mist, which is made specifically for your face. Facial tanning mists are perfect for when you want to add a touch of glow to your complexion, or match the rest of your body without applying a bronzer to the face. Most face tan mists are extremely easy to use and provide you with that perfect, natural glowing skin finish. Add Private Label’s deeply hydrating Glowing Face Mist to your collection alongside mousses or lotions for an easy upsell! 

Self Tan Drops

Self tanning drops are the perfect addition to your daily moisturizer or serum routine to create a luminous, golden glow. Self tan drops are ideal for face and décolletage tanning, but can also be mixed in with lotion for the rest of your body. Think of these tanning drops like your own personalized tan. Private Label has two different formula options: the Tan Drops contain a typical self tan formula with your choice of the amount of drops, while the Sleep Gradual Tan Drops are a gradual, more buildable version to wear overnight. A facial treatment and gradual tan in one. What could be better than that?

How to Choose Which Self Tanner 

When deciding which of the self tanning formats you should offer in your business, consider taking these factors into account:

Target Audience – Consider what your customers’ preferences are. Younger customers may prefer a self tan mousse or mist, while older customers may prefer a self tan lotion.

Application MethodThink about the ease of application for each of the products. Busy customers will want a quick option like the self tan mist, while those that don’t spray tan their face, may want to apply self tan drops to their face themselves.

Skin TypeSkin type is a big factor when choosing a self tanning product. If customers have dry skin, consider a more moisturizing form such as a self tan lotion.

Desired ResultsConsider the results your customers are looking for. Most self tanning products produce a quick, dark tan while others provide a more gradual glow.

Ultimately, it’s important to offer different formats and versions of self tan products so that you cover all different types of self tanners. There is a type of self tan product out there for everyone!



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