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Which Self Tanner Should I Choose?

Selecting the Perfect Self Tan for Your Business & Clients

Selecting the perfect self tanning range for your business is one of the first decisions you’ll face when starting a new tanning brand. What are the differences? Which self tanner works best for my clients? More importantly, how does the self tanner align with my business and brand? 

We’re here to help! At Private Label, we currently offer six Self Tan Mousses, along with a Tan Eraser Mousse. Let’s go over the product highlights for each Self Tan Mousse so that you’re well equipped to begin your new journey. Visit the Private Label Sample Collection to choose and test your full-size samples!

Key features for all Private Label Self Tan Mousses:

  • Lightweight mousse formula
  • Easy to apply
  • Fast drying, no transfer, non-tacky formula
  • Streak free results
  • Suitable for both face and body
  • Vegan friendly, paraben free formula
  • 100% natural DHA tan actives


Coconut Water Dark

Coconut water base – a deep, dark tan with a natural, healthy glow

The Self Tan Mousse Coconut Water Dark has the added natural benefits of real coconut water that delivers that deep, dark tan with a healthy glow. Ideal for those with dry skin, coconut water works as a natural toner, hydrating skin without leaving it feeling oily or tacky.

Marketing keywords – hydrating, moisturizing, glowing, coconut water, nourishing, tropical, coconut, toning, beach, glow


Violet Dark & Violet Ultra Dark

Violet base – dark and ultra dark, deep Mediterranean inspired tans

The Self Tan Mousses Violet Dark & Violet Ultra Dark are violet based self tans that develop into a dark or deep dark cool toned tan. Ideal for those with yellow skin undertones or those who simply want a deep, dark exotic tan. Although it’s always best to sample both products for comparison, the Violet Dark provides a more natural, slightly more subtle Mediterranean tan, while the Violet Ultra Dark provides a slightly deeper, darker tan.

Marketing keywords – violet, violet based, cool toned, Mediterranean, dark ash, ashy, deep dark, ultra dark



Medium bronzing results

The Self Tan Mousse Medium develops into a deep, natural bronze. Ideal for those with light complexion or those new to self tanning.

Marketing keywords – medium, medium dark, medium bronze, natural, honey, glow



Dark bronzing results

The Self Tan Mousse Dark develops into a deep, dark bronze. Ideal for those with medium to dark complexions or those wanting the deepest, darkest tanning results.

Marketing keywords – dark, darkest, deep dark, dark bronze, ultra dark, glow



Gradual bronzing results self tanner, tan extender, and moisturizer all in one

Our Gradual Self Tan Mousse applies a gradual, natural-looking golden glow. Enriched with hydrating cocoa butter to condition, nourish, and moisturize skin, this mousse can be used to extend tan or even used daily in place of your regular moisturizer for soft, supple skin while building or extending your tan.

Marketing keywords – gradual, glow, tan extender, moisturizing, natural looking, golden, hydrating, soft, honey, nourishing, self tanner + tan extender + moisturizer, all-in-one


Tan Eraser

Removes stubborn self tan build up cleanses, conditions, and tones skin

The Tan Eraser Mousse removes stubborn self tan in just 5 minutes, magically erasing old self tan while leaving skin silky smooth. A unique formula that gently cleanses, conditions, and tones skin to create the perfect starting point for your next tan. If you offer self tan in your business, you should always offer a Tan Eraser so that your customers can purchase their entire tanning routine. Tan Erasers are specifically great retail for tanning businesses, even if a self tanner isn’t offered, so that customers can remove stubborn spray tan and prepare for their next appointment. Our recommendation is to create a bundle of the Tan Eraser with a Self Tanner of your choosing.

Marketing keywords – tan remover, tan eraser, cleansing, fresh, clean, conditioning, skin toning, magic eraser


Visit our Sample Collection Page to sample the Self Tan Mousses, along with any other Private Label product of interest!

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